Healing properties of Oregano


Oregano is one of the plants with the highest content of vitamin C.
Used as a decoction or infusion and fights the weakness of the intestines, helps digestion and calms the nervous system. It is also diuretic and emmenagogue. For the beverage, plant’s shoots are used when oregano is blooming because it contains oil that has greater therapeutic value.
The oregano “tea”  helps hypertension and arteriosclerosis. In the form of gurgling, used against inflammation and ulcers of the mouth and tonsils.
The essential oil is used externally to combat lice.
Shoots of oregano as a poultice, soothe bruises and swellings.
Inhalation of dust from oregano causes sneezing and helps to cleanse the respiratory system, particularly the lungs.
It is widely used in official medicine.