Herbs: The pharmacy of nature

Since ancient times herbs were known for their healing properties and used as medicines. Greece is among the richest in the world in herbs. Smells, tastes and enjoyment go hand in hand with health …


We live in a blessed by nature country with incredible variety of therapeutic herbs that grow on their own in every corner. In our country grow about 1,200 species of herbs, while in other European countries such as England and Germany endemic plants are around 30! Their growth is because of dry summer climate. As for the excellent quality of Greek herbs, is due to the long hours of sunshine, the particular soil and microclimate of each different region.

In principle, in the most herbs what attracts us is the fragrance and afterwards their taste in herbal teas. Others, are used traditionaly as flavors in cooking. Other, can just be eaten as a meal! Their pharmaceutical properties, however, is their most precious attribute. Countless herbs can be exploited as natural medicines for our organism. Always with knowledge and proper use. Leaves, flowers, seeds …

The herbs are prepared as an infusion, as decoction or tincture, for their beneficial characteristics. From one herb can be used leaves (e.g., tea, sage), from another petals (chamomile), another seed (linseed), while some use the root or plant bark. How is each one prepared?

Infusion: Boil water, remove from heat and pour in the plant. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then strain. This method is used for the flowers, petals and leaves of the plant, but not the roots.

Decoction: The wort is boiled with water for 5 to 10 minutes and then drained. Typically used for the roots or bark of plants.

Tincture: Tinctures created using herbs in alcoholic solution, usually pure alcohol for a period of 4-6 weeks. It is much more effective than infusions and decoctions.