History of Daphne


Daphne (scientific .: Daphne noble, Laurus nobilis) is an aromatic plant of the family of laurels.  In Greece is also found uncultivated. Also in Greece is cultivated and the laurel of Apollo, known by the popular names vagia, dafnolia and fillada. It is not known the annual global consumption of laurel leaves. Only in Greece are exported around 200 tons per year.

Metamorphosis of Daphne: Daphne was a nymph of Arcadia, who was loved by the god Apollo. When he chased her, she got away and transformed into a tree to save herself. Since then the plant is dedicated to Apollo god.

In Greece laurel was known since ancient times and even Homer refers to it. It was a sacred tree. First the Greeks and then the Romans used to crown with laurel leaves the winners of the Olympic games. So, even today the laurel is identified with glory, victory and supremacy. In ancient times it was also known for its therapeutic properties.