Oregano Grated 40 gr.


Collected by hand.
Νet weight: 40 g.
Packaging (one type): Bag with label

The Greek oregano is a herbaceous perennial plant and its  quality is considered of the best worldwide.

Oregano besides the characteristic aroma and flavor that leaves the food, has many medicinal properties, its main active ingredient is carvacrol.

It has 12 times more antioxidant activity than oranges, 30 of potatoes and 42 from the apple and a plant with the highest content of vitamin C, an important source of vitamin K, rich in potassium, calcium, iron zinc, manganese, niacin, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), b, c and d tocopherol, vitamin K, and beta – carotene and phytosterols.

Used primarily as spice for cooking and rarely as beverage, which is referred to as excellent decoction to cure coughing. Especially used in greek salad.