The God’s herb is called Verbena

Verbena is a very beautiful plant with a wonderful aroma. Although the ‘origin’ is from America,  and is used as a remedy for all diseases. Another name is lemongrass, because of the flower’s lemon scent.


It’s a medicinal flower caring for your good health, provided you know how to use it, since both the flowers and leaves of lemongrass are particularly beneficial for the human body.

Boil few verbena leaves for 15 min and then leave another 10 minutes to cool so all the essential oils of the plant are released in the water. You can drink a cup a day and verbena will act preventively against many diseases.

Use verbena if …

… you follow a low calorie diet and you want to burn fat (is considered the number one herb for slimming).

… your stomach hurts or have been feeling heartburn and indigestion.

… suffer from colic stomach or have intestinal disorders.

… got sick and want to throw off  fever and adjusts diarrhea.

… feel fallen and want to tone up your body.

… you need a peaceful sleep and want to drive away the nerves and tension.

… to effectively clean your face.

… your eyes hurt.

… you have bad breath problem.louiza3

In order to disappear your problem you should use the concoction regularly during the day or as a beverage or as a compress.

The essential oil

You can find it in almost all pharmacies and you can use it locally with a cotton where you hit to help wounds close faster. Even will soothe irritation and erase any bruises.