About Us

Herbs and aromatic plants of the Hellenic’s land

The occupation, the years of experience and our love for nature led to the foundation of our business. The Aroma Othris  is a family business which is active in the production, collection, packaging and marketing of aromatic plants and herbs.

Our products stand out for their quality and their incomparable fragrance since they are grown and collected from the slopes areas of the mountains of Greece (Othris, Pelion, Kissavos, Dirthis).

Each product is collected by hand, treated with completely natural processes and also packed by hands in airtight containers to retain all the unaltered precious organoleptic characteristics of the herbs.


Organic Oregano – Organic Tea. Practice from the stage of planting to packaging.

In November at the mountain there are abundant roots of wild oregano and mountain tea. They are carefully extracted from the ground and, after divided into individual smaller roots and are transplanted directly into our own estates .This is suggested to do at this time of the year because both existing old plant and climatic conditions are such that guarantee excellent results.

In organic oregano and organic tea we do not intervene all the time. This happens only during the winter depending on weather conditions. These may favor the growth of weeds (grasses) so we always take care to manually remove them 3 to 4 times per year. Equally important for plant growth is the carving for proper ventilation of the soil.

At the end of May is the season to harvest the products. The plants are cut carefully with scythe and transported directly to our own warehouses. There is made refinement of tea and oregano to remove any dry leaves and generally second grade products. The remainings are tied in bunches of 80-100 g. and hung upside down in a distance of 50 cm between them. All this process takes place in the store and tea and oregano are dried out in the shade.

When the process of drying tea and oregano is complete, they are placed in cartons of 10 kg. They are kept there until the final stage of the packing in small bags. As regards the grated oregano, grating is processed with a special machine that has special sieves that separate the stems from the final pure product that is the flower of oregano.

Upon our request to the Forest of Almyrou, we are licensed to collect wild mountain laurel.

Our products are cultivated exclusively on Mount Othris of Magnesia. For their cultivation only organic practices are applied and mechanical methods are excluded, because the whole process from the beginning and until the final stage is made by hand (excluding grating oregano). In this respect the appropriate certifications from the company QWAY are available that certify our methods for growing and standardization.